Tontyn Hopman in Sala Capriasca
at Vincenzo Altepost on 27.03.2001

About the origin of “The Order in Creation in Number and Geometry”. 
The author, Frederik (Tontyn) Hopman, was born in Holland in 1914, where he studied to become an architect. At the age of 18, after the death of his father, he had a powerful experience that led to his subsequent study of Oriental esoteric teachings. This was to become a life-long fascination. Responding to the call of the East, at the age of 21, he travelled to India by car. In those days this adventurous journey took many weeks. Once in India he married his travelling companion and settled down in Kashmir, where he lived with his young family for 12 years until in 1947 the invasion from Pakistan forced them to flee. 
Still in Asia, at the age of 38, Tontyn Hopman had a profound Kundalini awakening that gave his life a new dimension. It was during this awakening that he had a vision of Genesis, which revealed to him the ‘Order in Creation in Number and Geometry’. 
Around this time, however, Tontyn Hopman decided to return to Europe to enable his children to have a good education and he settled in Switzerland to practise his profession as an architect. Later he occupied himself with astrology and art therapy. 
Here, in Switzerland, after almost half a century, the memory of his vision came up again, with great clarity. Tontyn Hopman experienced a strong impulse to work on, and present the images that had been dormant for such a long time to the wider public. Finally, out of this, in the year 2000, ‘The Order in Creation in Number and Geometry’ emerged, in only a few months. 


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